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Too busy, busy to be happy!

It is time to wind down and reclaim your life; you true inner self through the teaching of Tantra, Yoni Tantra Puja and Yoni Tantra Healing.

Sound Healing can Change Your Life


The Father of Para-Tan and the Master of the Living Goddess Tradition Shri Param Eswaran has worked in the field of Tantra, both in the East and the West. He is widely acknowledged for his ground breaking work in the area of Tantra, Tantric Relationship, and Yoni Puja that which will help heal women to release past pain that is locked within the Yoni. The past pain generally reside with the Yoni for a period of 7 years after each intimate sexual relationship, and especially bad when it is sex without love.

Both negative and positive energy resides within the Yoni. This energy re-emerges when one is within a relationship, thus interfering with old memories re-emerging and creating similar problem experienced in the old relationship.

Most tantric healers or workshops, he feel has failed to help anyone, especially women. Many of this therapist themselves need help. Since most therapist starts on the person’s brain’s need, and works it way inward. Sri Param aim is to go right to the soul, and work from inside out, working to fulfill the souls needs. It is a deep process and it bypasses the illusion of control in the left-brain and goes right to the essence of one’s true self. It is there that healing take place, not in the mind. The trouble with Tantric therapy in the west is that it gives people initial joy and pleasure, like smoking weed. When one comes out of it, they feel empty again, and need more of the same. One gets a mental fix, but it keeps One from doing the work One need to do.

Most of us would deny that we are addicts of some sort, and now Tantric sex as is known in the west is also an addiction. (Tantra has nothing to do with sex, but sexuality), However, being an addict means being caught up in processes that distract you from intolerable reality, it may be an addiction for sex, relationship or drugs. Such addictions are subtle, but just as destructive as the more blatant ones. The deep process work that Sri Param is talking about involves getting to the heart of whatever it is you are trying to deny and escape, and moving past the related behavior patterns to a surer sense of who you are.

How does the process work? It’s different things for different peoples. For most it’s a matter of healing the navel, heart and throat chakra. And for women who have had more then a few sexual relationship, Yoni Healing as well. The Yoni Healing that Sri Param offers is non intrusive, whereby one is fully dressed.. It has nothing to with G-spot massage, and offers better healing result, and creates a sense of orgasm.

Many people learn different techniques of Kundalini or yoga in the hope of healing themselves, but then they tend to trust the technique rather than themselves. It’s more important to trust your own process. With patience, just sit quietly, all that is necessary. Unfortunately, though people usually distance themselves to avoid feeling uncomfortable. Many people do things to avoid facing their feeling.
It is time that all readers, be part of the process of helping create a community that could help you to set yourself free from depression, hopeless, feeling of being unloved and loneliness. In the past people live in communities, and seldom had the same problem as humans of present days do. Humans are the only species that do not live as a community, for it has become a burden rather then joy to live as a family unit and within a community.

Our Master will be happy to assist anyone who wants to set us a community, be it in any part of the world. He will come to you; all you have to do is need his expenses.

Contact us should you want to empower your womb and enjoy the divinity of a Living Goddess, and we will get in touch with you

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